Basic Grinding

THT Flooring uses the latest and technically advanced floor reconstruction system on the market. We use a combination of heavy- duty grinding machinery and the most efficient dust extraction equipment - eliminating 99.96% of dust exposure. This "dust-containment" system allows for the continuation of other re-modeling projects in close proximity to the flooring work and uninterrupted business activities.

Dry Grinding of Superfloor A "dry grinding" process is accomplished in a three step procedure. Initial grinding exposes aggregate and levels the surface of flooring. Secondly, impregnation of the newly resurfaced cement with crystallation liquid reacts with lime and calcium expanding the molecules within the cement. The expanded molecules tighten the "pores" of the cement inhibiting liquid penetration through the surface level. The third step involves "polishing" of the surface which hardens, strengthens (up to 40% improved durability) and creates a flawless reflective shine. Once completed, this type of floor re-surfacing improves the durability of the surface and allows for low-maintenance cleaning. In summary, this process- Reduces the porosity of existing concrete and effectively seals out contaminants Enables the concrete material to "breathe"- decreases moisture saturation Increases the surface hardness by a value of 40% and abrasion resistance (ASTMC779) on new and deteriorating concrete Increases impact resistance by a value of 21% (ASTMC805) Increases compression strength of new and deteriorating concrete Reduces chloride penetration Inhibits chemical attack of treated concrete Formulation of solid by-products in the micro-cracks and pores Retards scaling of high strength properly finished concrete Increases the mass and density of the concrete

For the commercial and industrial property owners this type of flooring treatment has many long-lasting benefits-
A polished floor is total natural product that is:

Environmentally friendly
Improved durability and low-maintenance cleaning
You will not have any down time for coating system to dry.
Highly reflective shine
Low noise levels and dust exposure during process

And the most importing thing cleanliness there is no industrial floor that cleans so god.
Benefits that commercial and industrial property owners see in polishing concrete are reflectance, slip resistance, low VOC's and the big key is that the concrete can breathe.

What the SUPERFLOOR process can do to benefit your concrete floor?
A Reduce the porosity of existing concrete & effectively seal out contaminants.
B Increase the surface hardness 40% and a(rasion resistance (ASTMC779) on new and deteriorated concrete.
C Increases impact resistance by 21% (ASTMC805)
D Increase compression strength of new and deteriorated concrete.
E Reduce chloride penetration.
F Inhibit chemical attack of treated concrete.
G Form a solid byproduct in the micro cracks and pores.
H Retard scaling of high strength properly finished concrete.
I Increase the mass & density of concrete.

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